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Stephen Walker zooms into the cast of The Creatives

No one could say that producing a short film during the times of COVID-19 is an easy feat, but thanks to the wonders of technology, Blue Sparrow Entertainment can announce that Queensland actor, Stephen Walker will be joining the cast of The Creatives remotely.

Playing the role of Geoff Whitman, the no-nonsense, hard-hitting CEO of Whitman Marketing, Stephen will be filming his scene for The Creatives remotely via Zoom.

When asked about the unconventional filming method, Blue Sparrow co-founder, Kate Jirelle said: "These unprecedented times that we've found ourself in have meant a lot of filmmakers have had to be creative in how they produce their films. We have known from the beginning that we wanted Stephen to be a part of this cast, but with the ever-changing restrictions on borders it began to seem more and more unlikely that he'd be able to travel to Sydney for the shoot. Thankfully, Fran [Braithwaite, co-writer of The Creatives] and I realised that the scene he was in could just as easily be a business call over Zoom, so we decided to make the change, and introduce a Zoom scene to the film."

The team will have to wait until post-production to tell if the re-writes pay off, but if any actor can pull it off, it's Stephen Walker.

Stephen is represented by Williams Management. He is an actor and voice artist who stared acting way back when he was an eleven-year-old making super 8 films at school in the 1970's. In the decades since, Stephen has worked across TV, feature film, web-series, short film and stage, as well as behind the camera for several years with Channel 7. Some of his past acting credits include Made for This, Fighting Season, and Deadly Women.

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