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About Us

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Blue Sparrow Entertainment was founded by Francisca Braithwaite with the vision of bringing to life interesting and diverse stories.


Fueled by her passion, love and curiosity for human behaviour, Francisca decided she wanted to push the boundaries of storytelling with engaging, raw and inspiring stories whilst empowering an array of filmmakers from around the world. 

The Blue Sparrow Difference

Stories can change the world. They can teach, challenge, connect and serve as a catalyst for change. At Blue Sparrow, we aim to capture the beauty, honesty, rawness and complexity of human nature in every story we tell. 

In order to achieve this aim, our work is founded on the following 3 pillars:

Empowered Artists

We believe that empowered artists tell empowered stories. In every production we do, we work with proactive, talented, and dedicated artists who are committed to making their own opportunities, rather than waiting for permission.

Diversity in Action

We actively seek out opportunities to champion and support diversity in all forms. We believe that our work and sets should be reflective of the diverse and multicultural society that we live in.

Telling the

Untold Stories

We are dedicated to telling the untold stories. We shine a light on the real, the raw, and the ugly aspects of the human experiences. We honour and respect the messy, complicated, and beautiful connections that we form with others, and that make us who we are.

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